Liam Armitage

Liam Armitage

Technical Artist


Mushroom Kid's Big Grass Sword (Formerly 'Sword of the Morel')

Sword of the Morel is a charming 2D platformer based on the theme of growth. The player stars as a mushroom boy, Mica, who embarks on a quest to reclaim his village, using a sword that grows stronger with each defeated enemy. This project won the "Best Visuals" award at the 2022 Game/Music Jam, and has since recieved a $10,000 stipend from RIT for further development over the course of the 2023 Fall Semester.

Feel free to get the game jam version from

Role and Contribution

As a Background and Asset Artist, I had the opportunity to create numerous large-scale pixel art sprites, contributing significantly to the game's aesthetic and gameplay experience. Accumulating over 60 hours in Aseprite, I was able to enhance the game's visuals and master the use of this pixel art tool.

Now, as the game has entered a full production phase, I've taken the role of Environment Artist, VFX Artist, and Technical Artist. Aiming to give the game a quaint and homely atmosphere, I'm making a strong splash in the world of shaders for 2D games using Godot's shader and particle engine.

A game trailer for the jam produced by John Haley

Game Jam Samples

cover art for the game, with Mica sitting on a stump with his grass sword
the podium where the sword is first encountered
the cave background portion of the game
one of the houses in the village, built next to a tree in a more modern style
one of the houses in the village, built in tandem with a tree
the large tree sprite near the end of the game, where the bird's nest is
dirt tile sprites
one of the houses in the village, built inside of a tree stump
a large background sprite of a rock wall

Challenges and Solutions

In the Jam, the time constraint of the competition and the resolution differences between the level design and my sprites posed significant challenges. Despite these, we communicated as best as we could and found ways to integrate the assets effectively, contributing to a cohesive and visually engaging game.

Awards and Recognition

Our game not only won the 'Best Visuals' and 'Best Soundtrack' awards at the Game/Music Jam 2022, but also received high praise at the 2023 RIT Student Game Showcase and Expo. Players and reviewers enjoyed the novel mechanics and distinctive visual style of the game.

Future Development

Sword of the Morel has been granted $10,000 dollars in seed money from the RIT Magic Maker Program to further develop the game over the course of the 2023 Fall Semester!

Current Production Samples

Color scripts
Concept art value sketches for background art
a colored background image with a godray shader and post-processing applied
Early testing for the fire shader
intermediate progress of the fire shader
final version for the fire shader