Liam Armitage

Liam Armitage

Technical Artist


Treasure Here - A 2023 GMTK Game Jam Project

Treasure Here is an innovative take on dungeon-crawler games, inviting the player to adopt the role of a villainous entity enticing naive adventurers into a perilous dungeon. The project was a part of the GMTK Game Jam 2023, with the theme "Roles Reversed".

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Role and Contribution

As the Character and Background Artist, I was tasked with shaping the visual language of the game. Drawing inspiration from notable pixel-art games like Tiny Tower, Celeste, and Owlboy, I utilized the Endesga 64 palette in Aseprite to craft appealing character sprites and captivating backgrounds.

Creation of Assets

From characters to environments, each asset was carefully designed to contribute to the overall ambiance of the game. I employed techniques like photobashing and gradient mapping, adding a rich depth and complexity to the backgrounds of our world!

Treasure Here title art


adventurer sprite animations
monster sprite animations
the town shop background sprite
the cave background sprite, where battles take place
the background of the credits screen
the monster shop background sprite

Challenges and Solutions

Working within a tight 48-hour deadline presented unique challenges, particularly in aligning the pixel art and UI. However, our team's cohesion and adaptability allowed us to navigate these challenges successfully, leading to a game that we are incredibly proud of.

Feedback and Recognition

Our game has been warmly received, with players commending our innovative concept and visually pleasing art. As we move forward, we aim to continue improving Treasure Here's stability and user interface.

Future Plans

We are currently focused on enhancing the stability and improving the UI of the game. More extensive updates and perhaps additional features are under consideration for the future.