Liam Armitage

Liam Armitage

Technical Artist


Feel free to check out my in-progress project: 100 Days of Tech Art, a live daily journal of my upcoming tech art projects!

Featured Work


A Unity-based shader system that replicates the distinctive style of Flipnote Studio, featuring RGB colormapping, dithering, customizable saturation, depth-normal mapping, Sobel edge detection, and pseudonoise generation.


  • Solo Technical Artist
  • Utilized Python to create volumetric textures and demo visualizations
  • Engineered a versatile, customizable Unity shader system using C# and HLSL


A completely procedural replication of Jolyne's thread from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, complete with customizable and animatable parameters, text animation, noise, and textures. The video above demonstrates the tool, featuring a Jolyne model by DarienToad on Sketchfab.


  • Solo Technical Asset Artist
  • Designed and implemented a versatile asset using Blender's Geometry Nodes and Shader Nodes.
  • Produced a visually striking lyric video that highlights the effect's potential in a creative context.


A submission for the 2022 Game/Music Jam, a 2D platformer featuring a sword that grows the more enemies defeated. The project has been funded $10,000 by the RIT Magic Maker Programming and is currently being produced into a full game using Godot over the current semester.


  • Environment, VFX, and Tech Artist
  • Currently, I am working on background art, as well as environment shaders and procedural VFX. (Samples on project page)
  • Contributed significantly to winning the Best Visuals award in the competition.


A retro-styled pixel art game, designed and developed during the 48-hour GMTK Game Jam. You play as a bad guy enticing 'players' to raid your dungeon, selling the loot you get from defeating them in the process!


  • Character & Background Artist
  • Crafted 15 animated character sprites and 5 unique background art assets
  • Collaborated with a team of 5, fostering a communicative and collaborative development environment



An academic game project coded entirely from scratch using Monogame in C#, Downsized is a rudimentary top-down dungeon-crawler with a tongue-in-cheek theme of getting hired.


  • Game Developer and Asset Artist
  • Worked in a four-person team, contributing to the development of a level designer and programming the graphics rendering for map and objects.
  • Gained an intimate experience with programming a game from the ground up.

Scrabble In The Bag


A browser word game built with PixiJS, Scrabble In The Bag is a physics-based word matching game with scores and a dictionary based on Scrabble.


  • Solo Game Developer
  • Created this web-based video game for a final project.
  • Focused on sound design and integrating the Scrabble dictionary for a fun and engaging experience.

Art Samples

Flea Flee

A class project animation created as a game-pitch trailer, featuring a flea escaping from a human cell with the help of a nuke-throwing mitochondria.


A 3D modeled robot character playing with a Rubik's cube.

an animation of K-VRC dancing on a DDR machine


An anijam submission of a rotoscoped 3D animation I made with a rig of the character K-VRC.

a girl sitting in an aquarium full of robotic sea life


A 3D scene of a girl in a cyberpunk aquarium.

a cookie robot coming out of hiding, before jumping and hiding back into its shell

Cookie Robot

A quick recreation and animation of the Cookie Robots in Despicable Me, recreated in Maya for a 3D Asset Production class.

a cave pool scene with a shattered television on a rock in the center


A drawing of a crystal-blue water cave setting with a shattered washed-up TV.